More than 30 years of experience

POÇO is a highly specialized company in large-scale and complex industrial projects, with the structural capacity for extensive involvement, thanks to the know-how, technologies, and technical skills it applies in its execution.

Steel Structures

The advantages of steel construction over traditional construction are undeniable. Faster and more economical to execute, our solutions ensure great flexibility and mobility. More resistant to seismic activity than reinforced concrete buildings, these structures adapt to any project and allow for subsequent aesthetic adjustments while ensuring high standards of quality and safety. Our construction processes result in reduced waste, making them more sustainable.

Industrial Equipment

Our industrial equipment allows our clients to improve their productivity and efficiency metrics. The quality of our equipment ensures reduced technical support needs. Focused on the ambitions of our clients, these solutions are suitable for all types of industries, scales, and areas of activity.


Our gantry cranes and overhead cranes are manufactured with modern modular components and strict quality control, with load capacities ranging from 500 kg to 160 tonnes.

Gantry cranes stand out for their versatility and robustness, adapting to various needs. Overhead cranes, developed with advanced calculation programs, fit into various industries and applications, handling any load with solid and reliable construction and excellent finishes. They can also integrate weighing mechanisms with CE certification.

Both equipments are designed for efficiency and reliability, meeting each client's specific requirements with maximum quality and performance.


We develop customized electronic weighing systems for each client, from microscales to weighing of large loads, with dedicated software. Weighing capacity ranges from 1g to 100 tonnes.

Transportadores de Matéria Prima

We develop and apply all equipment associated with the bulk materials transportation industry. Our responses to raw materials are the result of in-depth research and investigation. Our conveyors meet demanding quality criteria and can be applied in any industry within this field of activity. They are produced with high expertise and extensive use of advanced technological processes. These factors also enable us to guarantee timely and effective technical support.

Tratamento de Resíduos

We respond to new environmental requirements with innovative and highly efficient waste compaction solutions, substantially reducing its volume and facilitating its transportation and subsequent treatment. These solutions can be applied in any industry.


At POÇO, employees with higher education in engineering represent more than 30% of the total workforce. It is through technology, knowledge, and experience that POÇO manages to create and develop engineering and thereby design industries from scratch. Knowledge leading to innovation, always present!
In the operational aspect - Research and Development, Engineering and Design, Production and Assembly, and Technical Support - productivity is ensured and supervised by highly qualified technical staff in various specialties: mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, polymer engineering, architecture, among others.

Complete Solutions

At POÇO, all the competencies come together to achieve, in the shortest possible time, all phases of project execution. For this purpose, we have created an experienced, competent, extremely agile, and flexible structure to achieve rapid and effective response levels.
Starting from the specific needs of its clients, it integrates from research to architecture, including calculation, licensing, modeling, manufacturing, and assembly, including equipment. Supported by its technical department and various 3D technologies, which ensure a coherent project from the outset, executed in a short time frame, and a single point of contact for all phases of project development.
The guaranteed technical support is also essential to ensure continuous service, fully focused on optimizing the client's operational performance.