It is a recognized name in the Portuguese business landscape and a success story in the industrial projects segment.

CEO Message

It is with this mission that we commit to all business partners. With a competent, knowledgeable, and experienced team, in whom I place all my trust, we are able to overcome the most difficult obstacles, aiming to provide the client with the best solutions within the agreed deadlines.

With determination, enthusiasm, and a spirit of challenge, we have grown and today we have the size, knowledge, and capacity to accept large projects beyond borders and gain market share as suppliers to the industry.

Our design, engineering, development, manufacturing, and assembly capabilities proudly allow us to call ourselves "The factory of factories."

Today, we design and deliver complete industrial solutions. In the future, we also want to be recognized as a reference in integrated socio-economic development solutions in the global market.

Carlos Poço

Mission, Vision, and Values
"The best way to prepare for the future is to concentrate all your imagination and enthusiasm on the perfect execution of today's work."

Dale Carnegie


A significant increase in design, engineering, and production capacity, resulting from investment in human resources, a new layout, and a set of the most modern and technological equipment in the sector, makes POÇO much more competitive. 12,500m2 of facilities with a transformation capacity of 1,200 tons per month.

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